Learn How to Become A Football Agent
Kick-off your journey to go from football fan to football agent with our revolutionary e-learning course.
  • Learn the tools and strategies that lead to success
  • Gain inside knowledge from top-tier football agents
  • ​Join a worldwide network of football agents
  • ​Learn from world-renowned elite agents, John Viola & Phil McTaggart, who are still working at the highest level of the game
Learn How to Become A Football Agent
Kick-off your journey to go from football fan to football agent with our revolutionary e-learning course.
  • Learn the tools and strategies that lead to success
  • Gain inside knowledge from top-tier football agents
  • ​Join a worldwide network of football agents
  • Learn from world-renowned elite agents, John Viola & Phil McTaggart, who are still working at the highest level of the game
 Stuck on the sideline?
Dreaming of being ‘in the game’?
The longer you work in a 9-5 job, the harder it can be to see the bigger picture.

It might seem realistic, safe, or sensible to work a mundane job instead of aiming for a job that you can be passionate about.

But what if there were opportunities for a bigger, better life out there?

What if you could step into a career that allows you to:
  • Travel the world
  • Meet interesting people
  • Be involved in the football industry
  • Have an uncapped earning potential by doing what you love
Then don’t blink, now is your chance.
It used to be the case that football agents needed to pay a £100,000 bond to FIFA in order to join the industry, and in later years pass a famously stringent entry exam – but in 2015 they officially relaxed the entry requirements to become a professional agent, it’s never been easier for football fans to start the career of their dreams.

But just because it’s easier won’t mean that it’s easy

If you’re going to get anywhere in this game, you’ll need grit, passion, determination, but most of all, you’ll need the know-how.

Now that anyone can become an agent, if you’re going to set yourself apart from the crowd, then you’ll need to learn from somebody who knows the ropes and has reached the top of the game.

Meet your mentor:
John Viola
Travel the world cutting deals with top-tier football clubs…

Uncapped earning potential…

Get paid to follow your dreams…

Sounds a bit unrealistic?

My experience tells a different story.

If your career just isn’t exciting you anymore, and you’re looking at moving on to bigger and better things, I’ve been there.
I spent the early part of my career moving from one job to the next in order to move up in the world and ended up in the financial services industry. But after many years of working there, I knew that I wanted more out of my career and out of life, so I started looking for other options. As chance would have it, I bumped into an old friend who’d become a successful football agent. He was living a dream life, making a fortune by doing something he was genuinely passionate about.

Instead of putting it down to luck, or something that only happens to other people I thought:

Why not me?

My friends and family were baffled at why I’d want to leave a steady career in financial services, but through determination, hard work, and a love of the game, I began making bigger and better deals, and growing my network to the point where that risky switch of career has more than paid off.

After years of building my profile, I landed the one transfer that would change everything. In this one deal I made more than I would have made in ten years working in the financial services! 

In the years since, I have continued to operate as one of the highest-earning agents in the field, in a career that’s allowed me to travel the world, deal with the biggest and best names in football, and most of all, allowed me to wake up every day to a job that I love.

After nearly 30 years in the game, I decided to pass on my wealth of experience and expertise from working at the highest levels of the current transfer market day to day – in order to train and mentor the next generation of football agents. All so I can show them how they can carve out the career of their dreams, just like I did.

Join me and my partner - elite agent, Phil McTaggart, as we teach you everything we’ve learned across 40+ years in the industry, so that you can build the career that you deserve.  

What better way to learn how to do this job correctly than from two deeply experienced professionals like ourselves, who are both working at the highest levels of the global football transfer market as we speak...

What you can expect
Wondering what’s inside the course?
This benchmark course is designed for those who are interested in becoming an official intermediary. We teach you the essential knowledge of how to begin your journey as a football agent from a practical standpoint, as well as how to maximize your ability to become a success in the global transfer market. Course modules are updated as new regulations and practices are introduced.

Class Modules:
  • Course Introduction
  • ​Background to Intermediary Regulations
  • ​Client Identification
  • ​Process of a Deal
  • ​Client Retention
  • ​Internet Marketing & Self-promotion
  • Recruitment Procedure
  • ​Football Clubs: Making Contacts and Building Relationships
  • ​Sales & Player Marketing
  • ​Transfer Windows
  • ​Professional Advice​
  • ​Being Commercial
  • ​Successfully Navigating English FA Work Permit Regulations
  • ​Relocation & Player Settlement
  • ​Working with Other Intermediaries
  • ​Dealing with the Press
  • ​International Markets​
  • ​The Next Step
What makes our course unique?
We have designed the course based on principles that led us to success in over 40+ years in the game. We want all our students to see the heights of success that we have, so not only is our course packed with valuable insights, but once the course is completed, we offer a tested, and proven pathway into the industry for those who are interested in further career professional development!

Learn from the best
Nowadays, anyone can put out an online course. But few can share the inside tips and knowledge that come from a long track record of excellence.
  • Get a head start on your journey
  • Learn from elite mentors
  • Be affiliated with the biggest names in the business
Stand out from the rest
Now that anyone can become a football agent, to succeed, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Being taught by industry leaders will show you the right way to be an agent so that you will rise above the competition, and into the upper tier of the industry.
  • Prove that you’re ethical and reliable
  • Build trust with your potential clients
  • ​Get certified upon completion
Practical, no-nonsense strategies
We’re not here to teach you theory. We’ve been around long enough to know what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll teach you the tips, tools and strategies we used to reach the heights of the game.
  • Cover everything from Player Recruitment to the Process of a Deal
  • Learn tried and tested strategies
  • Broken down into 15 easy-to-follow modules
A clear pathway into the industry 
We are fully committed to providing a pathway into the industry for all of our students, and this is something which makes our programme totally unique. We have a suite of training services and options for our graduates to take advantage of once they complete their studies, which can include:
  • Mentoring sessions 
  • Access further learning development opportunities
  • Join a network of agents
   Not Convinced?   
We’ve helped hundreds of football fans break into their dream career  
We’ve made it our mission to help people achieve the success that we have. This mission has seen us running exclusive live conferences from London to Dubai, meeting inspiring people, and most of all, helping countless people build a better life.

We’re not here to tell you this is going to be easy. And there are more would-be agents out there than success stories, but the ones who do make it in this game have one thing in common. 

They learn from the best.

By following our step-by-guide and blueprint, hundreds of football fans just like you have achieved the unthinkable and broke into a career they could have previously only dreamed of.

How did they do it?

With over 40+ years of experience at the highest levels of the game, we’ve shaped the industry from the inside out. We know the rules to success because we wrote the rulebook, and in this course, we’re opening up the books. Our course graduates are armed with insider knowledge on all the tips, tools and strategies that lead to success for any passionate up and comer.

This isn’t theory. It’s not hypothetical.

This is hard-won wisdom that only comes from years of boots-on-the-ground experience in the industry, available to you, right now.

By taking the plunge into this course, you’ll learn no less than the principles that will take you to the top of the game, and how not to be one of the many would-be agents who never make it.
Hear what our graduates are saying
7-day satisfaction guarantee
We are extremely assured in the elite benefits that our courses bring to budding football agents starting out in their careers. Accordingly, if you are not satisfied with your experience on our course within the first 7 days of your studies, we offer a 100% guaranteed refund.
How to Become a Professional Football Agent 
Don’t miss out on your ticket to the beautiful game!
How to become a Professional Football Agent
Kick-off your journey to go from football fan to football agent with our revolutionary e-learning course.
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